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Hondeklip Bay Village


 Please Note! - Because Hondeklipbaai is such a popular getaway there is very limited accommodation available for this peak season of 2012/13, but feel free to Contact us with your requirements and we will gladly try to find you a suitable establishment.

While not affluent and used to living meagrely, the community have a pleasant and carefree nature. Here all visitors are welcome and free to meander, without restraint or apprehension, along a picturesque 14 km shoreline. Tidal pools still abound with marine life and as long as you have the necessary licence and keep to the restrictions, you can collect your own seafood or watch as, undisturbed, the Sandpipers, Gulls and Oystercatchers scavenge for theirs. In Hondeklip Bay the ocean still smells like it should since there is a constant supply of clean, fresh and invigorating air. Here peace and tranquillity is a way of life and folks live at ease with their surroundings.